​"Let me just start off by saying that Lili will forever be my long lost Aghd mother. She is an angel and like a blessed gift that came to us in one of the most overwhelming experiences.

 She made us feel entirely at ease, was so resourceful and reasonably priced - but priceless to tell you the truth! After just a few visits and calls, the Aghd was done. We trusted her, she rose to the occasion and not only that, she indeed was in a league of her own. The final product, our Aghd, was a manifestation of our relationship married with the environment around us - which was even more impressive given the challenges of our location. The Aghd set the tone for the rest of the wedding and we honestly can't thank her enough - we are forever indebted for our Aroosi to our angel, Lili! Love you, Lili! "  


San Francisco CA



" She definitely went above and beyond her responsibility of making me happy about my sofreh, she even asked me if I needed help with anything else and offered to help me find wedding favors. She sent me pictures and ideas and would email me reminders about what I require next on my planning schedule. On a side note her prices were very very very reasonable comparatively.
I have so much to say about this lovely lady but I don't think I can say it all here. 
She is a rare treat and definitely was our favorite vendor. She never needed reminders, follow-ups  and all the other painful stuff you would deal with, with other vendors.
I love her and want to share her with all of you."

​Sara S.
Mountain View, CA



"​I am a photographer, and have done several projects with Lili, and I have to say she is not only an amazing person but also a great designer.
She has an excellent work ethics, and really trustworthy.
you must see her cozy home office and her wide collection of beautiful textiles, vases, mirrors, and all the beautiful unique objects that make her job outstanding.
Recently she did my sis_in_law's wedding and I must say we would not have been able to have a beautiful and stress-free wedding without her."

Sara G.  

San Francisco, CA


 "Recently I saw my first sofreh, ever. I had researched what that was beforehand and had seen quite a few pictures, but I was totally unprepared for the beauty and elegance that Lily of Aroosi had infused into HER work. Her sofreh was designed in the style and colors of the very elegant wedding celebration of which it was the highlight, in antique gold and blush pink, and it contained the most beautiful variety possible of each of the requisite components. I was overwhelmed! Can't wait to see her next one! "

Jutta L  


"I mean it quite sincerely: Lili made the occasion feel enchanted.  Long before our wedding day, she showered my partner ad me with so much care and attention.  Her floral arrangements were so beautiful -- they felt so personal.  And that she was able to make rose garlands for us felt like a gift.  She helped us to imagine and bring to life a Parsi / Iranian Sofreh, which felt like the intimate heart of our ceremony....."

Sal P.
Northeast Washington, Washington, DC



"... Lili's Sofreh Aghd for my daughter was more of a work of art than just a Sofreh! She took the time to understand my daughter's taste in color and theme. She had wonderful suggestions which were a great compliment to the tradition as well as the desires of the new generation. Lili was flexible and a great team player. The Sofreh was one of the most captivating elements of the ceremony. We highly recommend her..." 



 "It is not often that you're able to find a Master-Sofreh designer who pays as much attention to every detail of her sofreh while striving to incorporate and customize the Bride and Groom's individual and collective personalities into her design.  Her keen attention to detail along with her true caring in ensuring that my wife's Native-American heritage was distinctly and aesthetically incorporated on our special day.  We truly fell in love with her and her lovely work.  We were honored to have her design our sofreh and make our wedding day so memorable for us and our families. "

San Diego CA 



​"... I can't speak highly enough of Lili.  We knew immediately that she was the right person for the job.  It was such a relief to meet someone as down to earth, classy, and tasteful as Lili.  She's incredibly sweet and easy to work with, her designs are elegant and unique.  I put total trust in her to design our sofreh and she didn't disappoint.  It's the attention to detail and tastefulness of her work that I believe sets Lili apart from all the rest...."  

Banafsheh & Eli



"...We hired Lili to design our son's Sofreh Aghd and we are so glad we did. She was amazing, her attention to detail and her creative planning was just perfect. Her Sofreh was a work of art and the talk of the wedding. She was very professional and on time with everything. We highly recommend her...."  




"... Lili's meticulous attention to detail, perfectionism and creativity are just a few of the qualities that make her so talented.  I would highly recommend Lili for all your sofreh aghd needs.  She listens, and she delivers! Lili is absolutely amazing...."   

Natalie & Kourosh  


 "... Lili did my wedding last April and did such an  amazing and wonderful job! I was so busy and she  took care of everything, just as I wanted.  She did    both my sofreh and flowers, and I could not have  asked for a better person to do it!  I highly  recommend her work.  She was also very responsive and very easy to work with...."  

Mona & Iman 



"It was seriously the most beautiful sofreh I  have ever seen.

It was unique, it was colorful, it was fun, it was ME AND  SARA!" 

Cy & Sara